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When filing your VA disability claim, it's often helpful to provide a statement with your application or appeal. Also known as a "Statement in Support of Claim," this letter can provide relevant evidence that substantiates the location of the event that caused your disability, when the event occurred, and details about the incident. Statements from veterans, family members, or friends are helpful to provide additional information, filling in the gaps that service or medical records may not cover. The statements can also help attest to how a veteran was before service and how they are now. These details can be crucial to the veteran's disability compensation.



A VA Statement in Support of a Claim is a 3-5 paragraph written narrative that details the facts and circumstances of an individual VA disability condition. Personal statements can be very powerful in filling in any gaps between your military service and the present day, including things like service treatment records, doctor visits for treatment (or lack thereof), the severity of your symptoms over time, and how your VA disability is negatively affecting your work, life, and social functioning.  You should write a statement for each condition.


How to write your claim:


  1. List the Name of the VA Disability You're Claiming in the First Section of the VA Form 21-4138

  2. Explain the Approximate Timeframe Your VA Disability Began Along with Why It Should Be Service Connected (or Why Your VA Rating Should Be Increased for Conditions Already Service Connected)

  3. List the Current Symptoms of Your VA Disability in Terms of Frequency, Severity, and Duration Over Time

  4. Explain How the VA Disability Negatively Impacts your Work, Life, and Social Functioning (Use a Couple Examples).



Helpful Hints


  • Mention specific symptoms that your condition may cause or contribute to. Rather than saying, "I have depression," consider talking about precisely how your condition affects you, such as: "I struggle to get out of bed in the morning." Or "I don't like going to public places or being in large crowds." Think about the statement as a way to paint a picture of your daily struggles.


  • If you claim a Knee disability based on a fall during service, you will want to describe all the circumstances surrounding the fall in as much detail as you remember. It may be challenging to remember the facts many years later.


  • Do you remember what you or anyone around you said? Describe what you remember immediately before and immediately after the fall. Any details like that help your statement come to life and make it more convincing to the reader.


  • If you're requesting increased benefits (higher rating), then focus on how your VA disability has worsened over the years. It's essential to write about how your VA disability is impacting your day-to-day life and your ability to work; adding as many details as possible can strengthen the statement and help you achieve your goal of obtaining increased benefits.

The VA Disability Advocates Main Office is Located in Las Vegas, NV. We Represent Veterans throughout the United States. 702-209-5722 

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