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The VA Denied Your Claim in 2022
Your Time to Appeal is Running Out!

Denied VA Benefits

Failure to File an Appeal


If you fail to appeal your denied claim within a year of your denial the decision will become final.  This will cause you to lose your claim effective date, costing you any potential back pay.  Most, unfortunately, you'll have to start over again with new medical evidence, and you will lose all potential for back pay.


Just because your claim was denied does not mean you are not eligible for disability benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) commonly makes errors in its determinations. The denial can be a combination of not analyzing the facts of your case correctly, and it can also stem from not having proper evidence available.  You can help your claim by writing statements explaining your in-service injury or illness. If you believe your condition was caused or aggravated during your service, discuss your conditions with your doctor; without medical evidence, the VA is clueless about what caused your medical conditions, it's essential to speak up. Your Dr. can help you establish a diagnosis for your situation by referring you to specialty clinics, labs, physical therapy, or testing.


Common Reason Claims Are Denied


The VA Disability Advocates Main Office is Located in Las Vegas, NV. We Represent Veterans throughout the United States. 702-992-4883 

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