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VA Claim Formula: Record of Service Injury or Illness + Current Diagnosis and Continued Treatment of The Condition Since Your Separation + A VA Exam Validating the Conditions and Determining The Level of Said Condition = Successful Claim. Anything short of this will cause significant delays in the process of filing your VA disability claim. Gaps in this process must be explained through your statements. 

I encourage you to write a statement for each condition

When filing your VA disability claim, it's often helpful to provide a statement with your appeal. Also known as a "Statement in Support of Claim," this letter can provide relevant evidence that substantiates the location of the event that caused your VA disability, when the event occurred, and details about the incident.


Statements from veterans, family members, or friends are helpful in providing additional information, and filling in the gaps that service or medical records may not cover. The statements can also help attest to how veterans were before service and how they are now. These details can be crucial to the Veteran's VA disability compensation. For more information, visit. 


Remember to see your Dr.

Any physical injury can make it harder to cope; you may have to stop doing hobbies or sports or learn to do them differently. These challenges can affect you emotionally, too. If you believe your condition was caused or aggravated during your service, discuss these conditions with your Dr.; remember, you're your own best witness. Without medical evidence, the VA is clueless about what caused your medical conditions; if you believe it's essential; speak up and discuss it., Your Dr. can help you establish a diagnosis for your condition by referring you to specialty clinics, labs, physical therapy, and testing.



Send Us all the records you have in your possession.


Please send us any treatment records related to your claimed condition(s). This includes reports or statements from doctors, hospitals, laboratories, medical facilities, mental health clinics, x-rays, physical therapy records, surgical reports, etc. These should include the dates of treatment, findings, and diagnoses. If you want us to try to obtain any doctor, hospital, or medical reports on your behalf, please complete and return the enclosed VA Form 21-4142, Authorization to Disclose Information, and VA Form 21-4142a, General Release for Medical Provider Information, so that we can request treatment records from your private medical sources.


● If you have received treatment at a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility or treatment authorized by VA, please tell us the dates and places of treatment. We will then obtain the necessary records to locate them if you give us enough information.


Advocates Note:

Every Veteran Should check in with their advocate at least once a month; do not wait for your advocate to call you. If there are any changes in your VA disability or new medical evidence, contact your advocate.

The VA Disability Advocates Main Office is Located in Las Vegas, NV. We Represent Veterans throughout the United States. 702-992-4883 

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