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VA Disability Advocate (VADA) is a Fee For Services


VADA is a Fee-for-Services firm representing Veterans denied service-connected benefits for injuries and illnesses caused or aggravated by their service. There is no out of pocket cost to the Veteran all fees are contingent on the successful adjudication of your service-connected disability claim. Upon successfully recovering past-due benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will deduct 20% from your final award as payment to VADA for services rendered.  



You Only Pay Your Disability Agent If They Win


  • No Recovery, No Fee: You only pay VA Disability Advocate (VADA) if we successfully adjudicated your denied claim. If you do not obtain an increase in Veterans Disability Benefits; you don’t owe Veterans Disability Advocates (VADA) a penny.


  • Our Fee is 20% of the amount we recover. Some VA disability lawyers do charge more. Your fee will come straight from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You won’t have to pay your fee directly out-of-pocket.


  • Others Fees: Sometimes we must hire experts to win clients’ VA disability claims. Those fees are only paid if your claim is successful. Usually, the reports needed by experts don’t cost that much and we always get the client’s permission before any case expenses are added to your case. If your claim is not successful, you do not have to repay a penny of your case expenses.



Free services are available for Veterans who wish to file a claim; electronically via eBenefits or with the support of a Veterans Service Organization (VSO), or over the phone with a VA call center.  Call: 1-800-827-1000 Veteran Service Organization, VSO.



Veterans Disability Advocates (VADA) understands how the VA works and we use this knowledge to give our clients an advantage to obtain every bit of the disability compensation earned through military service. 


  • We initiate a development process to investigate the status of your various cases with the VA to determine what has and has not been done to get grounded in your case. Once grounded, we help you identify the weaknesses in your case and make recommendations on how to overcome them.


  • We help you analyze and develop a strategy to win your benefits in the shortest amount of time.


  • We challenge the VA’s adversarial conclusions that obstruct your benefits.


  • We gather all your Military and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Records, to include records from your private doctors.


  • We apply current case law and precedent court decisions to keep the VA in check in the manner in which they adjudicate your appeal.


  • We find and correct errors in earlier decision to get you the earliest possible effective date of your compensation award.



Additional No-Cost Services:


  • Application Help is Free: If you are thinking about applying for VA benefits talk to VA Disability Advocate first – it won’t cost you anything. We can make sure you get the forms to apply and know where to send them. We’ll help you get the VA disability process started if you haven’t yet already.


  • Learn Your Rights: As a veteran with disabilities, you have rights. These rights include compensation for your service-connected disabilities. The military promised to take care of you if the injury from service occurred. Talk to us about your rights as a disabled veteran.


  • Ask Questions: We don’t charge for questions. You can call us and ask all the questions you have about filing a claim, appealing a claim, your disabilities, or about hiring a VA disability compensation lawyer. Whatever questions you have about VA disability benefits, we’ll answer them to the best of our knowledge!

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