Hiring Veterans Disability Advocate (VADA) is not a shortcut to getting your claim decided. It’s all about presenting your claim in the best light possible so you get the decision you want without any unnecessary delay.  But, there will still be some delay on VA’s part until Congress truly addresses certain key issues. ​​

Not every Veteran will have a service-connected diagnosis that qualifies for disability compensation.  If you have been denied compensation and you have a qualifying diagnosis, understand that not all rated conditions will lead to the path to 100% VA Disability Compensation.  The average fully developed claims (FDC) takes 120 days.  Claims that need time to gather evidence can take as long as 18 months to develop and the average appeal can take 3-5 years.  We will not accept, process or appeals claims that we deem frivolous or unsupported by medical information. 


Veterans Disability Advocate (VADA) helps Veterans who met the VA’s minimum service requirements for Veteran Benefits. VA Disability Advocate (VADA) will conduct an assessment of your eligibility based on the Advocates knowledge of Veterans Administration rules, regulations, and professional experience.  


VA DISABILITY ADVOCATE (VADA) Veteran Advocates are not obligated to represent any claim found or believed to be fraudulent, “unsupportable” or frivolous.  Eligible claims will be represented to the best of our ability.  Following the recommendations of the Veteran Advocate, it is the claimant’s responsibility to provide documentation and information necessary to file a “supportable” Claim for Compensation or Pension.  We are pleased to serve as your Advocate; however, we reserve the right to discontinue service if:


•   Threaten, abuse mistreat or harass any VA DISABILITY ADVOCATE (VADA) employee

•   Knowingly present fraudulent materials, evidence or statement

•   Initiate any action which results in a conflict of interest while pursuing VA benefits

•   Create of becoming involved in any situation that makes it inappropriate for VA DISABILITY ADVOCATE (VADA) to continue as your representative.

•   Pursue a claim that is deemed frivolous by VA DISABILITY ADVOCATE (VADA) personnel (38 CFR Parts 1, 14, 19 and 20)

•   VA DISABILITY ADVOCATE (VADA) is not responsible for independent actions taken by you, directly with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).


We Cannot Represent or Assist You If You Have a Power of Attorney VA 21-22

or 21-22(a) With Another Veteran Attorney or Veterans Service Group.


After the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has reached a decision on your claim, and you agree with that decision, Veterans Disability Advocates (VADA) will close your file, and return all documents in support of your claim.  If you disagree with the VA’s decision, you have the right to file an appeal within that year. In order to appeal your claim, you must have new supporting evidence that supports your claim; Veterans Disability Advocates (VADA) Veteran Advocates to assist you with filing a Notice of Disagreement (NOD).


During your claim, you need to assist us by providing all legal and evidentiary materials.  Also, you should use our services to reply to any request made. You should attend all scheduled examinations from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may arrange for you.  VA correspondence will be mostly through the U.S. Postal Service. Therefore, it is crucial for you to keep the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Veterans Disability Advocates (VADA) advised of any changes to your mailing address.